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Type 23 Weaponry

Displacement: 4900 tonnes

Length: 463ft/133m

Beam: 48.5ft/16.1m

Draught: 52ft/7.4m

Speed: 28 knots

Crew: 185

Armament: 4.5" BAE Mk 8Gun, Sea Wolf Anti Missile System, 2 Quad Harpoon Missile Launchers, 2 20mm close range guns, NATO Sea-Gnat Decoy Launchers, 4 Stingray torpedo tubes.

Sensors: Type 1007 Navigation Radar, 2 Sea Wolf Tracking Radars, UAT Electronic Surveillance System Type 2050 active Sonar.

Aircraft: Merlin Mk 8 Helicopter armed with Sea Skua anti ship missiles, Stingray anti-submarine torpedoes, Mk 11 depth charges

Note - Completed, assembled and painted model shown in photograph.

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