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This new Dapol model of the GWR 57xx class features a diecast metal chassis and running plate for excellent adhesion and a smooth running 5-pole motor geared for fine speed control when shunting. A large number of detail parts have been designed to allow body and cab variations to be replicated, including those engines modified for London Transports' Metropolitan line gauge. Between the frames is a partial representation of working inside motion while the fully detailed cab interior is found below a roof secured by small magnets, making easy access for fitting a crew and working cab doors are fitted where appropriate. Below the footplate the visible sides of the ashpan have been modelled, along with correct style of brake rods.

It may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that the first 50 57xx panniers was not built at the GWRs famous Swindon works but in Glasgow! The North British Locomotive Company were obviosuly very prompt with delivery however, as some of the engines were ready by the end of 1928, with deliveries completed almost before the first Swindon-built 57xx entered service.
5717 entered service at Old Oak Common shed in March 1929, remaining at the London shed for 20 years before being sent to Slough in November 1949. Returning to Old Oak Common a year later 5717 almost completing a further 10 years at that shed before being withdrawn in May 1960.
A very good photograph of this engine in BR black with early emblem can be found in 'Pannier Papers' No.3 by Ian Sixsmith & Richard Derry, published by Irwell Press (isbn 9781906919443).

Features of the 57XX & 8750 panniers include:

  • Die cast Chassis and footplate for excellent adhesion and pulling power
  • Powerful 5 pole motor providing fine power control
  • Beautifully detailed body with correct body type variations applied where relevant with many separately added details
  • Partial representation of working inside motion and many other exquisite fine details
  • Four cabs for original 57XX, Later 57XX, 8750 Collett cab and London Transport cab
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Removable roof, secured with magnets for ease of fitting engine crew
  • Working cab doors, where fitted
  • Flickering fire box glow
  • Ash pan with correct double brake rodding
  • Expertly applied livery
  • Wheels conform to the new O Gauge standard, suitable for O Super Fine
  • DCC Ready with a 21 pin decoder socket
  • Sound fitted versions offered

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