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The release of Heljan's Falcon model presents the locomotive in its' last years of service from the historic Newport locomotive shed. The BR corporate blue livery is very realistically weathered and carries the 'white elephant' logo on one side. This sticker was applied by a depot wag following the loss of one of the Falcon plates. The sticker was not removed after a replacement plate had been fitted and Falcon ran for some time with the elephant's feet sticking out below the plate! Etched nameplates are supplied with the model, so you can recreate this if you wish.

A very popular model on its' first release, the heavy Heljan chassis and motor drive provides excellent haulage capacity and smooth running performance. The bodyshell replicates the original locomotive as accurately as is possible, having been researched from surviving information at Brush. A very high level of detailing has been incorporated, with excellent grille detail and separately fitted handrails.

The BR blue livery weathered badly, especially in the atmosphere created by the coal and steel industries of South Wales. Most western region enthsiasts remember Falcon and indeed many other WR locos in this sort of condition.

Remember! Antics price includes mainland UK delivery for your model of Falcon.

The locomotive was maintained in service by a few fitters at Ebbw Vale shed, combining experience in the maintenance of the engines from Westerns and electrical systems from class 37s and 47s. Sadly the contract terms for the sale of Falcon agreed between Brush and BR required the scrapping of the locomotive once it became surplus to BRs requirements and, despite approaches from preservation groups, the locomotive was cut up.

The combined skills of Ebbw Junction's fitters kept Falcon flying despite it's one-off combination of Maybach engines (as used in the Westerns) and electric power transmission (as used on Ebbw Junctions' 37s).

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