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OO card kits of railway and town buildings
Signal box�modelled on design used by the North London Railway.
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A card kit of the Midland Railway (later LMS) lineside goods�warehouse at Camp Hill.

This kit is a warehouse with a low door suitable for road lorrys to enter. It could easily be modified for other uses.

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A stylish building which can appear as a stand-alone structure on a high street or alongside a road. Offices of this type were often built where it was more convenient to collect parcels away from the station, for instance when the railway station was some distance from the town centre it served. The office also sold passenger tickets and arranged for advance luggage collection.

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Part depth warehouse frontage card kit based on a structure in Worcester.

Low relief buildings are shllow depth structures ideal for breaking and disguising the join between baseboards and backscenes. Warehouse and factory units also provide a useful source of goods traffic for your model railway.


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A card model kit of the GWR Austerity design signal box.

These flat-roofed brick and concrete construction signal box were built during WW2 and afterwards. Some replaced boxes damaged by enemy action, others were installed to control military siding connections. Several of these solid buildings remain standing today, some after many years of disuse.


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