Card Construction Kits

Pre-printed card kits for a wide range of useful buildings from country farmsteads to city terraced houses. Ideal for parent and child projects.

Choose from our wide range of printed card kits.

Superquick and Metcalfe kits are pre-cut ready to assemble kits requiring only adhesive (PVA or Rocket card glue) and careful building. These kits come with instructions for building the kit as designed, but the parts can easily be adapted to create a larger half-relief building for use against a backscene or to create a totally unique structure with typical British architecture.
These kits can easily be assembled by younger modellers, with assistance and guidance from an adult to hold the pieces squarely in place while the glue cures.

Bilteezi and Prototype kits require some card modelling skill, needing to be cut out by the builder and supplied with only basic instructions. However these kits do include a wide range of optional or alternative parts, ranging from porches and window displays to suggestions for alternative arrangements and uses for the buildings.
Prototype models are based on real locations, many of which have been chosen for their suitability for model railway use. These can easily be used as characterful buildings for your stations, shed and goods depots.