Spring BB Rifles

A soldier's best friend is his rifle! Airsoft BB models of modern assault rifles, including the British Army SA80 L85.

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Calibre 6mm BB
Type Spring powered
Power range 59m
Weight 525g
Length (total) 58cm
Mag capacity 180
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Mossberg M590 pistol grip pump action rifle

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The maximum energy developed by most BB guns is 0.5 joules maximum - a twentieth of the power from a funfair air gun. In normal use lightweight BB pellets would certainly sting or bruise but not penetrate the skin. Safety goggles prevent damage to eyes and safety clothing should also be worn. Have Fun!

Use commonsense and follow the Air Gun Code - see warranty & regulations and Basic rules of use.

Changing the colour of any BB Pistol or Rifle contravenes regulations.