The pack contains the Master Unit, Base Unit, Opto-slot half straight track, current break track, PC software CD, 2 SSW hand throttles, transformer and a USB Cable. Additionally you naturally need the Scalextric track for layouts and cars.

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Sport World is a ground breaking `world first' unlike any other racing product. It gives Scalextric users the ability to race against other users from around the world via the internet in the comfort of their own home. The many additional features of Sport World also enhances the Scalextric race experience for users of all abilities! Uses the actual model racing system as well as a virtual system on a PC. 

Circuit design: Allows the creation of Scalextric circuits by placing track elements from a toolbox in a 3D world. Scenery such as track borders, buildings and trees can be added and the terrain manipulated to create hills and valleys. The dimensions of the space available can be defined to obtain information such as the lane lenghs of the circuit and a list of the items required to build it.

Pit Garage: Provides a library of Scalextric cars that can be viewed either as movies or 3D models. Lists of one's own cars can be created and organised. A technical manual provides information on maintenance and tuning while a virtual test drive function allows the trying out of performance enhancements on screen before making the change for real.

Drivers: Allows drivers to select cars for racing, set up race strategies for individual races and access a load of statistics on previous race performances.

Race Briefing: Users define the type of race they are going to run by selecting the circuit.

Race/Qualifying: In these two modes you can race on your Scalextric circuit with the benefit of the greatly enhanced management features including false starts, timing accurate to 1000th of a second, brilliant full colour animated coverage of the race, plus full results and statistics at the end of the race.

Race World: Sport World Online Racing enables you to pit your skilss against up to seven other Scalextric users from anywhere in the world.In an online race, you can drive on your circuit in your location; the other competitors drive on an identical circuit wherever they are. Sport World links You can see all the cars racing, crashing and overtaking as they race for the finish.