Scalextric Sets

Slot car racing sets. Sets include track, cars and speed controller handsets with mains power adapters.
Pitting two of the newest and most advanced electric racing cars against each other, this new set combines all of the age old excitement of Scalextric along with the latest in EV technology.
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Scalextric Super Karts Slot Car Set C1334
Scalextric bring back the karts with C1334 Super Karts.
Start your racing career right here! Two racing karts set you on your way to learning the basics of car control and racing tactics. The set is quick to set up in minutes but gives hours of fun.
Set contains:
2 cars
power supply
Space Required: 205 x 147cm
Length: 484cm

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Scalextric C1384 Gulf Racing Slot Car Set

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These sleek Ginetta Prototype cars are true thoroughbred racers. Designed to compete at the highest level they feature powerful engines and lots of downforce to keep them planted to the racetrack. This set features 4 dynamic layout options and over 4.8metres of track, these Ginettas are crash resistant and built to last for the longest endurance races. Copyright Ginetta 2020
MRP £94.99

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Scalextric C1415 Spark Plug Batman vs Joker Race Set

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Latest Scalextric sets are equipped with Sport Track and are ready to go, being complete with a mains power transformer and 12v DC dynamic hand held speed controllers. As speed is controlled by varying the voltage this is analogue control. Early Scalextric as well as most other 12v slot cars will run on Sport track while older sets equipped with Classic track can be extended  by using a pair of converter tracks that allow connection with the later track. There are four basic Sport track sizes X1 - X4, X4 being the biggest. But any size is possible with the extensive range of add on track.

Great racing for the family is always guaranteed with Scalextric - its all down to skill on the controller. Remember all Scalextric sets are carriage paid to your home. Check out Micro Scalextric or Carrera Go if you don't have much space.