Radio Controlled Helicopters

Fun to fly electric powered helicopters suitable for indoor and outdoor still air flying.
VN12 Condor Large Outdoor Helicopter is an impressive, yet simple to use RC flying machine

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Most electric model helicopters are designed for flying indoors, where there is little air movement. While any model can be flown outdoors outdoors in calm weather and still air we recommend some of the larger models for outdoor use. These have the bulk and power to resist being swept away in light wind gusts. Most are virtually ready to fly and complete with radio control unit, batteries and chargers. A brilliant way to get acclimatised to RC helicopter control. All listed are good quality and will last.

Plus the spares back up is good, we stock a lot and if we do run out can get them back in the air in a reasonable time.

Common-sense is required! The larger and more powerful the model, the better it will be able to deal with wind but many models are lost when flown in too breezy conditions. Notionally suitable for indoor flying quite some space is necessary although hovering and training with low level lift off and landings are achievable.

All models require careful flight training, manuals should be read and the basics of control mastered before extended flight is attempted!

Spares for Mini-Helicopters can be found here.