Race these and experience flying from a whole new perspective through the First-Person-View Virtual Reality glasses. Or just connect a smart phone to the FTX app and place it inside the VR glasses for live feedback from the Skyflash-es front mounted camera.

MRP £59.99
Warehouse: 1
Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1
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(Product Ref 91751)
Fly this compact UdiR/C Piglet mini-drone indoors with the remote control pad or connect up to your Android phone to get an in flight view.
Size 66 x 66 x 37mm. Flight time 5 to 7 minutes. Range 10m. 640 x 480 camera.
MRP £49.99
Warehouse: 1
Bristol: 1, Gloucester: 2, Stroud: 1
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(Product Ref 97651)
The nano-sized Q4 Nano H001 Quadcopter from Hubsan is ready-to-fly, requiring only two AAA batteries for the transmitter (radio controller) to get started. This tiny quadcopter features a 6-axis stabilization system to keep it safely in the air while maximizing agility. With the included 2.4 GHz transmitter, aerial acrobatics including flips and roles can be enabled simply by pressing down on the throttle stick. Headless mode is a function through which the aircraft will consider the direction opposite to that of the remote control as the correct one by default when it flies to a height where the operator is not able to judge the direction of the aircraft head with bare eyes, so that he/she can go on with the remaining positions.
MRP £24.99
Warehouse: 9+
Bristol: 6, Cardiff: 6, Gloucester: 6, Plymouth: 5, Stroud: 6
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(Product Ref 95328)
UdiR/C Strip Light for U829 Quadcopter U829A
MRP £6.99
Warehouse: 2
Gloucester: 2
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(Product Ref 96481)
VN22 Swift Racing Drone that flies at speeds of up to 35kph in Red, Blue or Green
Warehouse: 1
Bristol: 4, Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 3, Plymouth: 3, Stroud: 2
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(Product Ref 99889)
VN10 Eagle Recon Drone is a perfect RC camera drone for beginners

Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 2, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 1
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(Product Ref 97011)
The H502S is the latest Hubsan quadcopter drone that provides a host of features at a very affordable price. It is a good entry to aerial photography and video without a hefty price tag, enabling the honing of skills with flying features usually only found on larger, more expensive quads.


Bristol: 1, Gloucester: 2
Delivery from stores takes a few days longer!
(Product Ref 7747)

The X350 3D Air Dancer is a high performance 3D 6G 6-Axis Stunt quadcopter, featuring powerful brushless motors for super quick response during aerobatic flight, a streamlined sleek body and an expert 6 axis gyro giving great flight stability.

MRP £199.99

Gloucester: 1
Delivery from stores takes a few days longer!
(Product Ref 5148)
The Twister Quattro-X RTR is a high performance, GPS equipped quadcopter, with camera mount 6600260, capable of carrying a GoPro® or similar sports camera* and has many exciting features that make it the perfect introduction to multi-rotor flying. At a flick of a switch flight mode can be changed from stability to a performance that will excite the experienced flyer. 
With any quadcopter, the control software is critical to the models performance. Drawing on Twisters wealth of experience and success in this area, the Quattro-X has unique control software developed specifically to ensure the best flying experience. 
Designed from the outset to be quick and easy into the air, the Quattro-X needs little more than the undercarriage and props to be fitted before it is ready to initiate the sophisticated GPS (Global Positioning System) and take to the air.

Every model is factory test-flown before despatch so there is no guesswork and success is virtually guaranteed even if you've never flown before, as the Quattro-X has a stable auto-pilot and six axis gyro.
Many different flight modes are easily selected during operation, such as Altitude Hold, Orientation Mode where the transmitter stick controls the direction of flight relative to the transmitter, irrespective of the models orientation. A return to home and safe landing function is also included. 
With high intensity LEDs aiding orientation and reporting back information to the pilot, the Quattro-X is a completely new flying experience. A low voltage protection alarm, to warn that the flight battery needs charging, and an automatic emergency landing feature is also included. 

 If you don't already own a GoPro®, there's an optional camera available that shoots 1280 x 720pix video at 60fps. The cameras angle can be controlled from one of the transmitter's auxiliary controls and capture flying footage to the included 8GB mini SD card.

Highly recommended!
MRP £279.99

Gloucester: 1
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(Product Ref 90073)
High Quality Brushless Gimbal to maximise photo quality (Camera not included)

 Suits - Quattro-X/DJI Phantom

Suits - Camera Size 59 x 41 x 21mm

 Two axis gyro stabilisation, high quality brushless motors and an anti-vibration mounting system provide unparalleled, silky smooth image quality
MRP £99.99

Bristol: 1
Delivery from stores takes a few days longer!
(Product Ref 45806)
This Hubsan X4 Quadcopter is 5" (125mm) approx across and is ideal for inside flight.  Flight time up to 7 minutes

MRP £34.99

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(Product Ref 94990)
Syma X20 Drone features everything you'd expect from a full-size drone in a compact package

Must be ordered - delivery as soon as possible.
(Product Ref 44995)

What sets the H502E apart from its rivals is its impressive array of features. The 720P HD camera allows for some stunning aerial photography and videos coupled with the altitude height mode it can give flight times up to 12 minuets


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(Product Ref 102404)
Perkins Mini HD Sports and FPV Camera 6606402
A light, compact, high definition sport camera that enables you to make the most of your image gathering opportunities. An LCD status plus photo, video, burst and time lapse modes make this a truly versatile tool.

Key Features

  • Size - 59 x 41 x 21mm
  • Weight - 80g
  • Video - 1920 x 1080 Pixel
  • Picture - 2592 x 1944 Pixel
  • Battery - 1000mAh Li-Po
  • Card - Micro SD up to 32GB
  • USB - USB 2.0
  • Charge - 5V USB
  • Functions - Photo, Video, Burst, Time Lapse
MRP £99.99

Bristol: 1
Must be ordered - delivery as soon as possible.
(Product Ref 64754)
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Small fun flyers through to the semi professional camera carriers that produce stunning aerial photography!

Most copters and drones operate on the 2.4 Ghz digital radio band providing reliable interference-free control and avoids cross-talk with other nearby flyers. Many mid-priced models now have WiFi features for in-flight video viewing on smart phones and apps for WiFi flying control.
New Udi quadcopters add altitude and heading control and pre-programmed flying routes to their smart phone app functionality.