Prototype Reference Books

Historical books covering Britains' railways with photographs of how things actually used to look.
See also the Lightmoor Press and Wild Swan sections for more photographic albums and line histories.
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For over 150 years Britain's railways have relied on a system of semaphore signalling, but by 2020, all semaphore signals and lineside signal boxes will be gone. A Contemporary Perspective on GWR Signalling provides a unique record of the last operational mechanical signalling and infrastructure on Britain's railway network, as it applied to the former Great Western Railway (and lines owned jointly with other companies). It also includes a comprehensive explanation of what mechanical signalling is and how it works. Beautifully illustrated with over 400 contemporary images and with detailed information from a 2003-2014 survey, this is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in the traditional signalling systems of railways in Britain.

The book covers:
Lineside signalling equipment - semaphore signals, brackets and gantries, and other variations
Ways of working, from Absolute Block to Track Circuit Block (TCB)
Detailed coverage of the signal boxes and infrastructure on Network Rail, including routes through Shrewsbury, Hereford, Worcester, Cornwall, Chester and North Warwickshire
Diagrams of the major routes
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Great Western Railway Stars, Castles and Kings examines the history and workings of these legendary classes of passenger steam locomotives, the first of which, the North Star, was built in 1906.

Richly illustrated with over 200 photographs, the book includes:

• Illustrated explanations of how Great Western Railway steam engines work
• Details of the engines' work on named expresses and in ordinary service
• Overview of the survivors, heritage organizations and their futures
• Technical specifications and timelines of each class
• GWR and British Rail Motive Power Depot codes and train head codes

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A comprehensive and detailed track diagram book covering the national rail network,�freight-only routes, industrial�and heritage railways. In addition there are insets and�extra pages covering the demonstration railways at museums, leisure parks and model engineering clubs. The Quail series is possibly the most complete collection of track diagrams

This volume covers Scotland the Isle of Man

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Modelling the Southern Region - 1948 to the Present
Comprehensive in its coverage, Modelling the Southern Region - 1948 to the Present presents an historical overview of the post-war Southern Region of British Railways before guiding the reader through a series of detailed modelling projects, illustrating all of the techniques and equipment required, from building freight, locomotives and architecture, to modernization, electrification and the third rail. These projects make use of the best available commercial model-making products and provide an introduction to scratch-building your own lineside items. Each project is supported by a short historical background section and suggestions as to how each project could be further developed.

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