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Miniature power drills plus other miniature power tools.

Rotacraft RC250 230v High Power LCD Rotary Tool Kit

This high power LCD rotary tool kit is perfect kit for precision rotary tools ideal for modelling, electronics, DIY, craft work, engraving, jewellery making etc. This powerful Rotacraft 230V kit has a variable speed ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 rpm and comes with a wide range of attachments and accessories and has a wide range of uses for the craft user. Using full mains voltage means this rotary tool has much higher torque than 12V tools for more demanding applications.

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Supplied with a transformer, the drill has a 4 jaw collett.
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Ideal for use with 142-11 Drill Stand
Maximum capacity 45mm
Groove for holding rods


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739-50 Table Top
Magnifying Lamp.
Shadow free light with low heat emission
12 watt energy saving tube
4 inch lens - 1.75x magn
Close up lens - 4x Magn
Cable length 1.5m.


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(Product Ref 68737)
A 9.6 volt cordless, variable speed adjustable from 6,000 to 25,000rpm, with 100 versatile accessories including wire brushes, buffers, grinders and sanders.
MRP £62.95

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A comprehensive and versatile Mini drill set that is ideal for model making, electronics, engraving and small DIY jobs. It comprises:

RC18 Pen-like 12v Mini Drill with variable speed - 8000 - 18000rpm with 4 collet chucks (1.00, 2.35, 3.00 & 3.10mm)

220/240v Mains to 12v transformer with 3 pin plug.

Accessories including drill bits, polishing wheel shank,  2 x Big Fleece polishing wheels, 2 x Small Fleece Polishing Wheels, 20 x diamond points, 10 x grinding stones, 1 x mandrel with screw top, 5 x carborundum cutting discs, 2 x sanding drum mandrels, 3 x sanding drums, 2 x wire wheel brushes and 1 x nylon pencil brush.

All contained in a smart metal case with clear case. A great value gift or treat for oneself.


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(Product Ref 5887)

A sturdy drill stand designed for use with cylindrical body mini-drills. The clamp for the drill is fully adjustable, allowing many different minidrills to be accomodated. The pillar ratchet incorporates a depth stop and the angle is adjustable.

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12v mini rotary tool kit, ideal for hobby, electronics, repairs, restoration & smaller DIY tasks. Variable speed 12vlt tool with plug in transformer, 0-18,000 rpm for a wider range of applications, 3 grip positions - palm, pistol, and pencil , comprehensive range of tools also included
MRP £42.95

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Miniature drilling machines are used with small size drills. Use hand drills for precision work, or a small motor driven machine for speed. Miniature power drills can also be used with cutting disks, etching, polishing and other tools.