Polycarbonate Spray Paints

Specialist spray paints for clear lexan or polycarbonate RC Car bodyshells.

Some of our bodyshells come pre-painted and with stickers, whilst others are supplied clear so that you can customize the paintwork and decal design and let your artistic tallent take over. These clear polycarbonate bodyshells should be painted on the inside and are usually supplied with a clear film on the ouside to prevent overspray, it's critical to remember to remove this clear film before applying any decals, yes it's been done before! To prepare a bodyshell before painting, clean it thouroughly with hot soapy water and allow it to dry completely. Cut the body out to suit your car using a good quality pair of curved scissors and use a tapered reamer or drill to make the body post holes. Some people choose to cut the body out after painting, but this is a matter of choice. If spraying a solid colour; not a metalic or flourescent; it is advisable to lightly key the body with fine grade sandpaper to allow the paint to adhere to the body better. To mask a design on to body use good quality masking tape such as Tamiya Masking Tape When you spray the body make sure you spray in a well ventilated warm area, spray multiple thin coats to the body allowing each coat to dry before applying another,(usually dries in about 15 -20 minutes) hold the spray can about 12 inches from the body and apply sweeping strokes of spray paint as concentrated spraying will cause the paint to run. Certain finishes will require you to back them up with a further colour to solidify the effect, for example flourescent and chrome colours will need to be backed by white and black respectivley

Please note that it is crucial to use specific Lexan, or Polycarbonate based paint for decorating these bodies as other bases of paint will crack or peel in use.

Please note : Royal Mail do not accept pressurised canisters (aerosol spray paint cans) and certain other solvent-based paint products. Courier delivery rates will apply to these products.
We regret that paints cannot be shipped to addresses outside of Great Britain.