Narrow Gauge

Narrow Gauges OO9 O16.5 & On30, NG7

Narrow gauge model railways offer a huge range and variety of prototypes and examples, from temporary contractors' lines through industrial and quarry operations to well-engineered passenger carrying railways.
The recent introduction of OO9 ready-to-run models for the popular Lynton and Barnstaple Railway which crossed scenic Exmoor and announcement of a model of that lines' sturdy Manning Wardle 2-6-2 tank engines will make OO9 modelling even more attractive.
Bachmann have announced a range of WW1 themed models, including the Baldwin 4-6-0 locomotive and WD wagons, many of which found further use after the war in the UK and Europe.

Bachmanns' established On30 range features a range of US outline models includes the interesting geared logging locomotives, while Peco produce a range of smei-free-lance British outline models typical of the North Wales lines.