Multi-Purpose Chargers

These chargers offer the best of both worlds, often charging both NiCd & NiMh radio packs, and Li-Poly drive packs.

The Etronix Powerpal 2.0 is an exciting, feature packed and competitively priced all-in-one charger and discharger.

Powerpal 2.0 Charger/DischargerĀ Features:

  • Dual power built in adaptor for AC/DC voltage
  • Optimized operating software
  • Integrated LiPo battery balancer
  • Storage modes for LiPo battery
  • Discharge function
  • End voltage control
  • Capacity limit
  • NiXX battery cycle
  • Temperature sensor
  • Program Data Save/load
  • LiHV Mode
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This easy to use charger is suitable for both NiMH and LiPe/LiFe battery types and is housed within a compact durable alloy case. The unit features selectable 1,3 & 5 Amp charge rates, microprocessor controlled delta-peak sensitivity, and individual cell balancing of LiPo/Life batteries. Includes AC Power cable. Available with UK Plug
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A high quality mains input charger, suitable for 2 volt lead acid batteries. This version is capable of charging any 2 volt battery of 3~7A. Charging at 0.70 Amps per hour, it will charge a 7 Amp battery in 10 hours. Totally safe charging.

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The Etronix Battery Doctor Balance/Discharger is designed for Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries. It can measure battery voltage precisely and balance each cells' voltage of a battery pack or discharge batteries in preparation for storage.


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Why have one, when you can have two! The Etronix Touch charger is now available as the PowerPal Duo Touch providing two chargers directly from one AC/DC powered unit.

This high performance charger features the latest in touch screen technology for the ultimate ease of use. A full scope of adjustable parameters are available via the touch screen using the supplied stylus for slick and quick operation.

With input from either AC or DC voltage and a charge rate of up to 10A the PowerPal Touch is suitable for most needs and applications. Once the charger is set to your specific battery charging requirements via the simple main screen selection, the screen can display a range of data during charging from battery curve voltage to individual cell charge state.

Sample the next level of charging with the PowerPal Duo Touch.

PowerPal Duo Touch Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Delta-peak sensitivity
  • Individual cell balancing
  • LiIon,LiPo,LiFe,NiCd and NiMH capable
  • Large range of charge current
  • Store function
  • Time limit function
  • Input voltage monitoring
  • Battery cycling
  • Automatically charging function
  • AC Input voltage AC 100V -240V
  • DC Input voltage DC 11.0V-18.0V
  • Charge current 0.1A-10.0A
  • Discharge current 0.1A-5.0A
  • Charge power max.100W
  • Discharge power max.12W
  • Balance current max.350mA
  • Balance tolerance Ā±0.01V
  • NiCd/NiMH battery cell count 1-16cells
  • Lithium battery types Li-Po, Li-ion,Li-Fe
  • Lithium battery cell count 1-6series
  • Pb battery voltage 2V-20V
  • Digital Power 3V-24V
  • Operation system Graphical display

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