Model Railway Layout & Scenery Building

Books written by accomplished modellers, passing on expert tips and experience to help you build a successful layout complete with realistic buildings.
Track Construction an easy to use guide for all scales and gauges complete with CD rom to produce templates and layout plans
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Warners Group Publications Railway Modelling FAQs 9780955962653
A compendium of answers to the most frequent questions asked by railway modellers to the authors of the book. With headings that include track, narrow gauge modelling, o scale modelling, buildings and layout.
Authors: I Futers, P Marriott, C Nevard & P Soeborg.
Publisher: British Railway Modelling.
Paperback. 120pp. 18cm by 24cm.
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Building a Folding Model Railway Layout by Graham Goodchild 9781785001994
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Modelling Railways in O Gauge by John Emerson
976-91 Modelling Railways in O Gauge

O gauge (scale 7mm to the foot) is the 'senior scale' and it has existed for almost as long as the hobby of railway modelling itself. With the advent of high-quality ready-to-run O gauge locomotives and rolling stock, it is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. This fascinating book is an essential guide to O gauge modelling skills, techniques, modelling suppliers and services.

Considers the history and the benefits of O gauge
Discusses the various prototypical gauges that can be successfully modelled in O gauge
Examines making a start in this gauge and practical layout planning
Shows the modeller how to successfully create scenery and model buildings
Covers the choice of locomotives, coaches and wagons
Demonstrates how to achieve an authentic lineside look
Contains a wealth of information, advice and tips
Beautifully illustrated with colour images, including some of the author's own 0 gauge exhibition layout, Gifford Street , and a number of other layouts.
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The landscape through which railways run is often the inspiration and reason why people choose to model a particular line. Therefore creating a realistric setting in which to operate a model railway is an essential aspect of modelling, yet is often overlooked.

Model landscape expert Tony Hill has been modelling railways for over thirty years. A carpenter by trade, he has been demonstrating and teaching his landscape modelling skills at model railways shows since the early 1980s. He has written numerous articles on the subject and undertakes commisioons for bespoke trees and dioramas. This is his second book on landscaping for model railways.

Softback, 160 pages, extensively illustrated.
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This invaluable, well-illustrated book, written by a professional modeller, describes landscape modelleing from a new perspective. It explains in detail how to design and construct a model railway in a convincing and pleasing landscape. The author has always considered that model railway dioramas are an art form and the aim of this book is to help the modeller create true-to-life landscapes.

Covers inportant aspects of all stages of construction, including building satisfactory baseboards, topography and ground cover, modelling lakes and waterfalls and making realistic trees.

Briming with helpful advice and tips

Written by an acknowledged expert who firmly believes that authentic scenic modelling is essential in creating the perfect backdrop, enabling model locomotives and rolling stock to be displayed convincingly.

Well illustrated with over 200 photographs in full colour.

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John Parkinson is a self-confessed scenery nut. While for many people the tracks and trains are the most important element of a model railway layout John revels in creating the scenic environment, which is complemented by the trains running through it. With all his layouts his aim is to make a scene that gels, that looks like a composite whole and is full of atmosphere.

In his entertaining narrative he describes how he has developed his modelling skills and shares the techniques he has used for almost 30 years for his many popular, compact, small scale exhibition layouts. Covering baseboard construction and creating the scenic 'hard shell', hints on representing natural terrain, foliage, water, buildings, bridges, tunnels and the like to detailing and finishing touches - all illustarted by more than 185 colour photographs - this book is sure to inspire and instruct in equal measure.

A5 128pp paperback

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Layout Designs for Operation 9781902827148
Twenty schemes with half exploring British themes plus ideas for a variety of settings in Europe and even North America, something for all tastes and motivations.
Author: Stephen Rabone & Trevor Ridley.
Publisher: Atlantic.
Paperback. 95pp. 21cm by 27cm.
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