Rommel and the defeat of the Allies.
Author: David Mitchelhill-Green.
Publisher: History Press.
Hardback. 288pp. 16cm by 24cm.
MRP £25.00
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The World War 2 Story By Chris McNab 9780752462059
One of the successful 'Story' series that charts the history of this conflict from its first shots to its final apocalyptic end. Packed with many archive photographs.
Author: Chris McNab. Publisher: History Press.
Hardback. 128pp. 19cm by 13cm.
MRP £8.99
Warehouse: 9+
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A detailed report of the campaign in Normandy and the invasion of Southern France during the summer of 1944 from the American GI soldiers.
Author: J. Kaufmann & H. Kaufmann
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Hardback. 408pp. 21cm by 26cm.
MRP £19.99
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Bristol: 1
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(Product Ref 98034)
Providing an accessible introduction to 28 of the most important actions of World War II. With full-colour tactical maps and over 250 colour & black-and-white photographs and artwork illustrations.
General Editor: Dr. Chris Mann
Publisher: Parragon
Paperback. 240pp. 17cm by 20cm
MRP £9.99
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Pen & Sword Images of War: German Army on the Eastern Front - The Advance 9781473822665
One of the 'Images of War' series that is a pictorial record from wartime archives of Operation Barbarossa, the extraordinary feat of arms that saw the marauding Nazi armies drive deep into the vast terrain of the Soviet Union, to the gates of Stalingrad and Moscow.
Author: Ian Baxter.
Publisher: Pen & Sword.
Paperback. 158pp. 19cm by 24cm.
MRP £14.99
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Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1
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Pen & Sword Opertaion Goodwood 9781473822818
A detailed study of the largest tank battle fought in the 1944-45 campaign. From the "Over the Battlefield" series.
Author: Ian Daglish.
Publisher: Pen & Sword.
Paperback. 272pp. 17cm by 23cm.
MRP £14.99
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A highly accessible overview with technical data, facts and pictures.
Author: Alexander Ludeke.
Publisher: Pen & Sword.
Paperback. 127pp. 14cm by 22cm.
MRP £12.99
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