Mechanical wire-in-tube point and accessory control system.  Placing the small levers along the edge of the board in line with the point they control provides an excellent solution for remote operation of points on a small layout.
10-feet of steel wire for use with 1015 flexible PTFE tubing for wire-in-tube point control systems.
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(Product Ref 59786)
Flexible PTFE tubing for use with Mercontrol wire.
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(Product Ref 71210)
A pack of six angle cranks used to change the direction of movement in mechanical point control systems. Two holes are marked in each arm, allowing some adjustment in the throw distance to be made. Supplied with mounting bases and securing pins.
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(Product Ref 59790)
A pack of six omega loops, used to allow for differing point and point lever throw when using wire-in-tube point control.
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(Product Ref 59788)
A simple wire joiner consiting of two whitemetal sections which can be soldered or superglued together around the joint between two wire sections.
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(Product Ref 59829)
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An alternative to electric point motors for remote point control, point levers can be attached directly to Hornby and Peco points, or used with wire and tube.

Wire-in-tube point control works just like the brakes on a bicycle, the tube acting as a guide for the wire, allowing it to be routed across the layout and hidden by scenery and ballast. May be simply used mechanically but can also be linked to radio control units for distant signals.