Handbuilt Artillery, Field Gun Models & Dioramas

Hand-built dioramas and models of historic artillery pieces.

Wimsical and very fun model depicting an Afghan fighter mounted on a camel sporting a gatling gun (scratchbuilt from brass). A wry reflection on Afghan wars.

Height 8.3", length (camel) 8" and supplied in a display case.

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Five years of American Civil War led to considerable experimentation with ordnance and artillery. In 1844 the work of one man, Lieut. Thomas Jefferson Rodman, aimed to overcome difficulties of casting large cannon and this led to the eventual production of 286 massive 15" cannons. Their sheer size and weight resulted in use as fortress guns.

A superb and unique brass model on a wooden base and measuring 24" x 9" x 10 1/4" high ( 60cm x 23cm x 26cm).

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Stroud in 1807 produced recruits for the Napoleonic War. Two officers, Heazle and Delmont, recruiting in the town argued over a ladies honour. A site on the edge of town was agreed to settle the dispute. One short paced and fired his gun before his colleague could turn to fire. The bullet passes through Delmont's back and, after being carried to his lodgings in a wheelbarrow, he died a few days later. Heazle was charged with murder but never brought to court. It was one of last duels in which a man was killed in Britain. Delmont is buried under a flat stone in St. Lawrence's churchyard - a few yards from the site that has taken his name.

Antics view of the incident - made by Tony Edney

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A few interesting items that are hand made and unique. All built to a very good standard, on a one off basis, by a modeller local to our Stonehouse unit, where the models may be seen by request.

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