Electric Flight Aircraft

Powerful electric motors drive these fast and flighty models.
Some assembly of parts may be required for many of these models.

Top Gun Park Flite Cessna 182 Skylane RTF Mode 2 Blue TGP0355B

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Simplistic design and flight performance make this a fine introduction into fixed wing flight. Bright decals help to make this aircraft stand out in the sky, and it looks brilliant in pits too!

The new Easy Trainer from FMS, does exactly what it says on the box!

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The HobbyZone Mini AeroScout makes learning to fly an RC airplane easy and fun! It's the perfect "mini" trainer because it's a smaller version of the popular AeroScout S featuring the same pusher power configuration for better propeller and motor protection and incredibly durable EPP construction that makes it the most durable HobbyZone airplane yet - and an incredible value!
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Fascinating model providing the flight characteristics of either a flying wing or a drone - it's a blast to fly! The Blade® Inductrix® Switch Air expands on the popular Inductrix Switch hovercraft's versatility, going from quadcopter to flying wing literally in a snap. 

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 This compact size and a convenient carry box make the Mini Trainstar from Volantex the perfect companion for some lunchtime fun in the park Flying time of around 8 -10 Minutes.


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ST Models ST Model Fox EP ARTF A-STM060
Some aircraft create an image around them that defines exactly what they are about. The ST Model Fox does exactly that and shouts 'aerobatics' from every angle. It is no surprise to know that the full size is one of the most aerobatic gliders in the world and this ST Model version is proud to bring that capability to you.

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The Thunder 180 from Tech One is a revelation, not only is it awesome indoors but you can also take this stunner outside in still conditions and amaze yourself with it’s slow speed 3D aerobatics.

Built from EPS and reinforced with carbon and balsa strips, the Thunder has amazing torsional rigidity and at only 249g is ultra light weight, making it perfect for high torque 3D aerobatics and manoeuvres.

The profile style airframe keeps air resistance to a minimum but with the large side profile you can be sure of superb knife edge performance. The large powerful control surfaces give you precise control over the aircraft.

The brushless motor provides all the thrust you need to prop hang and then to climb out with ease. Large aerobatics are easily achieved with plenty of power in reserve to pull you out if things start to go wrong.


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The Dynam Scout is a perfect parkflyer as it's 980mm wingspan allows it to be flown in smaller areas at low speeds. This makes it easier for beginner pilots to master the art of flying and the steerable nose wheel gives it great handling on the ground as well. The Dynam Scout is a full four channel aircraft complete with both rudder and aileron controls which allow it to perform manoeuvres such as stall turns and barrel rolls. 

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Spanning a suitcase-friendly 400mm, supplied with a four-channel 2.4GHz transmitter, single cell LiPo battery, USB charger, demountable undercarriage and spare propeller, all you'll need to buy is 4AA batteries for the transmitter. It's a cracker

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Dynam have been busy on the design board and have yet again come up with a trump! The iconic Spitfire has been fine tuned for modellers resulting in a spectacular sports scale stunner. Please Note: This is sold in ARTF format and requires Radio System, 3S Li-Po Battery, Charger and AA batteries.



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Behold the FMS Super EZ trainer! After months of hard work, FMS is very proud to present one of the most advanced multi-purpose trainers on the market today, the Super EZ.

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Famous have taken the trusty Cessna 182 and given it a total make over from the ground up. It now really does replicate the full size even to the fully functioning navigation lights. In blue or Rad

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The saying 'Good things come in small packages' perfectly describes the Mini Wot4 ARTF. The Wot4 design is well established as one of the worlds favourite RC aircraft and this 670mm wingspan parkflier format it lives up to the reputation of the Chris Foss name. This lightweight parkflier is perfect for parks or small fields.

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Wingspan (mm): 408
Length (mm): 318

 The heavier they are the harder they fall! It’s a fact, and with this in mind the light and versatile Ares Mini Gamma makes perfect sense for anyone seeking a low cost, low commitment introduction to RC model flying. Your hobby budget will rarely return this much fun and performance for such a small investment, not to mention a level of sophistication that’ll have you wondering how we do it. So what’s the key to the Mini Gamma’s success? Well, let’s start with the light and resilient carbon-braced EPO airframe, the high-lift wing section and the powerful brushed / geared motor. Crucial features that are joined by a rock-solid 2.4GHz 3-channel proportional radio system, turbulence-beating state-of-the-art 6-axis gyro stabilization and a long-duration 180mAh LiPo that gives 8 to 10 minute flights. Wrap it all in a striking colour scheme and what you get is a good-looking all-season sportster that’s not only perfect for flying indoors and out but also suits wind conditions that see similar aircraft grounded. Beginners will love its simplicity, its durability and its forgiving flight characteristics. Experts, will delight in its versatility and its grab ‘n’ go convenience. With a Mini Gamma, there’s something for everyone.

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Dynam Hawker Hurricane Mk1 1250mm DYN8966 is in ARTF Format and requires Radio, Battery & Charger to fly.

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The Dynam Cessna 182 trainer makes a great gift since everything needed to fly comes in one box, 4 Channel 2.4 GHZ Radio, Battery, Charger. Everything included and pre installed!

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400mm wingspan micro ready to fly rc trainer

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The models detailed within these pages are generally designed to be flown within a controlled environment Model Aircraft Club. At the very least it's worth contacting you're local flying club when you're new to the hobby, just to get some help and hands on advice with flying you model.

A full list of national flying sites and aircraft clubs can be found at the British Modelling Flying Association.

Electric Flight aircraft tend to have a much more conventional shape, many being scale models of the real thing, and just like their full sized counterparts these employ typically throttle, rudder and elevator controls, with some more advanced versions incorporating ailerons to give banking and aerobatic capabilities. Whilst some models are designed around traditional electric motors, many are now utilizing new brushless motor technology, allowing for greater flight times and considerably higher performance. With a suitable 12 volt charger these models can be recharged at the flying site from a car battery, allowing for a full days flying. Flying RC aircraft as a hobby has been growing worldwide with the advent of more efficient power; electric, miniature internal combustion or even jet engines plus lighter and more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems.

A wide variety of models and styles are available.

We also supply radio controlled aircraft simulators, so you can hone your skills before attempting a first flight, or to practice aerobatics without risk of damaging the aircraft.