Electric Ducted Fan Aircraft

Electric ducted fans provide jet engine style propulsion.
Models range from modren jet fighters to the A380 Airbus!
The FMS Futura is a licensed sport jet developed by FMS in conjunction with Tomahawk- Aviation. Designed by a Sino-German team of engineers, the Futura represents the pinnacle of what a foam jet can be.

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The models detailed within these pages are generally designed to be flown within a controlled environment Model Aircraft Club. At the very least it's worth contacting you're local flying club when you're new to the hobby, just to get some help and hands on advice with flying you model. A full list of national flying sites and aircraft clubs can be found at www.bmfa.org.

Electric Flight aircraft tend to have a much more conventional shape, many being scale models of the real thing, and just like their full sized counterparts these employ typically throttle, rudder and elevator controls, with some more advanced versions incorporating ailerons to give banking and aerobatic capabilities. Whilst some models are designed around traditional electric motors, many are now utilizing new brushless motor technology, allowing for greater flight times and considerably higher performance. With a suitable 12 volt charger these models can be recharged at the flying site from a car battery, allowing for a full days flying. Flying RC aircraft as a hobby has been growing worldwide with the advent of more efficient power; electric, miniature internal combustion or even jet engines plus lighter and more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems. A wide variety of models and styles are available. We also supply radio controlled aircraft simulators, so you can hone your skills before attempting a first flight or to practice aerobatics without risk of damaging the aircraft.