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Sounds of Steam and Diesel power in OO
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ESU & South West Digital LokSound 4 Micro 0.5amp Locomotive Sound Decoder & Speaker
Designed to fit the more restricted space inside N gauge model locomotives the Loksound 4 micro decoder is also useful for fitting to small OO scale locomotives where the larger standard size sound decoder would be difficult to accomodate.
The decoder can be supplied with 6-pin or 8-pin connection, the 6-pin sockets being the standard fitting for N gauge and is now being used in smaller OO models.

The micro decoder is recommended for use with the Bachmann 57xx and 8750 class pannier tank and other models which have an 8-pin decoder socket, but very restricted space.

In the box
32MB combined decoder providing traction control with authentic British sound by South West Digital.
16 x 25mm 4 Ohm speaker with sound chamber.
English manual and data sheet.
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RealTrack & Legomanbiffo ESU Loksound 4 Locomotive Sound Decoder 
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New version 5 Loksound XL sound decoder.
These decoders are supplied to order with your request of sound files with a choice of projects from South West Digital or Legomanbiffo covering most British diesels and many steam locomotive types.
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The air conditioned class 158 Sprinter trains were built to replace 1950s era locomotive hauled trains on long-distance cross-country routes.

The Bachmann model has received a redesigned chassis to accommodate DCC, this model being supplied with a DCC decoder and sound system installed.
Painted in the British Rail Regional Railways Sprinter livery. Era 8.

DCC Sound supplied with factory fitted sound system. Directional lighting. Internal lighting. Length 610mm

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ESU 15 x 11mm 8 Ohm Suger Cube inc Chamber Loudspeaker LSv4 Lsmicro 50321
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ESU 40mm Round, 8 Ohm LokSound v4 XL inc chamber Lounspeaker 50323
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Loudspeaker 28mm, round, 4 Ohms, 1~2W, with sound chamber siutable for Loksound V4 Chip and other ranges.
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Hornby R3267XS OO Gauge Transrail 60005 Skiddaw Class 60 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive with DCC Sound System

Hornbys' class 60 is widely acknowledged as probably the best British locomotive model produced to date. this superb model locomotive will be available with an on-board DCC controlled sound system.
60005 Skiddaw painted in the Railfreight triple grey livery with Transrail shadow franchise company lettering.

This model is fitted with an onboard DCC decoder and sound system.

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Twin pack of decoders for InterCity 125 High Speed Train class 43 locomotives / power cars with sounds for the original Paxman Valenta engines fitted from new.
The Paxman Valenta engine was the standard power unit for HST power cars until the refurbishment programme commenced in 2005.
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Hornby TTS DCC sound decoder with sounds for a British Railways standard 7MT Britannia class 4-6-2 pacific locomotive.
British Railways built a range of standard locomotive designs intended to be suitable for service across the entire network. The 7MT was the standard express passenger design and we suggest these sounds are also suitable for the very similar though lower-powered 6MT Clan class locomotives also modelled by Hornby.
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