Co2 & Gas BB Pistols

Powered by either Co2 Cylinders 527808 or FlonGas, rapid fire models!

Impressive and elegant. This powerful 6” Chrome revolver licensed by Dan Wesson draws attention and packs a big punch. It is one of a new generation of Dan Wesson airguns with a rifled inner barrel allowing the use of pellets; this improves both range and precision. It has authentic markings and an individual serial number stamped into the frame.

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Gas and CO2 powered BB guns are at the top end of power, although still not as powerful as most airguns much more scare is needed than with airsoft spring modelsWear safety goggles and clothes and use only lightweight pellets other than for target practice.

Please note that changing the colour of any BB Pistol or Rifle contravenes the Violent Crime bill of 2007.