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Top quality hand crafted model aircraft, mostly made from mahogany! Clear canopy models are the creme de la creme, justifying their higher price points.
Bravo Delta 1/28 Spitfire Mk.I Clear Canopy with Landing Gear Down BD181CC
Bravo's Clear Canopy range takes the quality of hand crafted mahogany level to another lever. 2016 brought new features to this outstanding model, including a clear canopy with cockpit detail and it is well worth the extra.

However, for a short time we can offer a very special price!

 A true work of art!
Scale 1/28
Length = 15"
Wingspan = 48.3cm 19"
Height = 4" (excluding stand)
MRP £485.00
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Bravo Delta 1/42 BAE Systems Hawk T1 XX339 100 Squadron RAF BD197CC
This stunning model of a RAF Valley BAE Systems Hawk
Clear Canopy
Raid Pods.
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Big , Beautiful and Sleek hand carved mahogany model of Concorde G-BOAA. There is no better model of Concorde at this price! Generally available to order. There may be a wait but it will be worth it.
Landing & Take off model of Concorde in British Airways Chatham Dockyard tail livery adopted by BA from 1999
MRP £330.00
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(Product Ref 33891)

Fully loaded wooden display model of the outstanding, rocket and cannon armed Typhoon fighter/ground attack aircraft.

Length 14 ¼in (360mm), Wingspan 18 ¾in (475mm).

MRP £224.95
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Bravo Delta 1/40 RAF Harrier GR7 Strike Attack Aircraft 148

A superb model of the British Harrier Vtol strike attack aircraft in hand finished mahogany, Sturdy display stand included - with a length of 15in (380mm) and a wingspan of 7 3/4in (200mm) it's a good sized and very durable desktop model!
MRP £234.95
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(Product Ref 59198)
A most attractive aircraft, the Hawker Fury had a clean, streamlined shape for a bi-plane, resulting in the ability to exceed 200 mph top speed - the first RAF fighter to do so. Furies remained in front line service until 1939 when Hurricanes took over their roles and many were relegated to a training role. Three squadrons of Fury II's were used by the South African Air Force in East Africa in the early stages of WW2 and Yugoslav Furies were in combat in 1941.
MRP £229.95
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(Product Ref 52889)

A really good desk top model in hand painted solid mahogony of the Sea Hawk that was quite a remarkable aircraft, being Hawker's first jet. With unswept wings, it remained in service long after swept wing fighters had become almost universal. Few models have been made of the Sea Hawk and ours depicts the livery worn at the time of the Suez crisis. This aircraft, WV801, of No. 804 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, was flown by Lt. P. McKeown, RN, aboard HMS Eagle, Mediterranean, 1956. Exclusively produced for Antics and only 25 made. Fly Navy! A good sized model, measuring 17" long x 15.5" x 2.5" (10" high on the display stand that is included! (432mm x 394mm x 70mm in metric)

Antics Special Commission - unrepeatable at this price!

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Top quality and limited edition of just 16 wooden model aircraft crafted for us by Bravo Delta, the famous Hawker Demon as flown in 1937 by 64 Squadron is just gorgeous! Solid mahogany with a deep, rich hand painted finish, nice detailing and a period feel. Just look at the photographs!

Complete with display stand and brass name plaque the model has a wingspan of 395mm and a length of 320mm and the last few are now offered at a fantastically low price! 

MRP £189.00
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Bravo Delta 1/40 Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2 XV156 Antics Special ANTBD7
The finish achieved on this model is just stunning - it oozes quality! Basically an S2 and presented in the livery of of one the aircraft that bombed the tanker Torrey Canyon when it ran aground on the Seven Sisters reef off the Isles of Sicily. To protect the environment, it was decided to attempt to burn off the ship's cargo using air attack as the 'match'.

It's a superb model, measuring 15 - 16" (approx 39cm) in length, has the larger engine nacelles of the S2 but does include the small wing vents present on the S1.

MRP £179.91
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Bravo Delta 1/60 BAC 1-11 501EX BOAC Wooden Airliner Model ANJD19
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(Product Ref 102380)
A really beautiful and top quality desk top large scale display model of  RAF Tornado GR1a, ZA465, No12 Squadron RAF BD183cc. Hand carved mahogany and fully up to Bravo delta's high standards. The best!
Length,  350mm Width 350mm approx

Full Clear Canopy, Moving Wings and Weapons load, Full Rotating Stand

MRP £485.00

Will be ordered - delivery as soon as possible.
(Product Ref 65061)

Stunning hand carved mahogany model of the Red Arrow Hawk. The latest version has a clear canopy with interior detail and is  surely the best model available of the Hawk. Antics guarantees to refund the model price if you aren't absolutely delighted on arrival. It is sold out and only available to forward order at the present time. Ring to check availability.
Wingspan 33cm Length 43 Cm 

MRP £485.00

Will be ordered - delivery as soon as possible.
(Product Ref 91094)
MRP £289.00

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In Flight Configuration model of Concorde in British Airways Landor tail livery adopted by BA from 1984 to 1997.
MRP £320.00

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(Product Ref 45845)

This is a model of Concorde G-BOAA Drop Nose in Landor Livery
MRP £299.00

Will be ordered - delivery as soon as possible.
(Product Ref 42902)
Bravo Delta 1/36 Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Bomber with Stand 007
Superb ready built display model robustly manufactured in wood and finished in Royal Navy livery to a very high standard. Very few display models of this standard are available, particularly of this remarkable aircraft. Although appearing more suited to WW1 the Swordfish served with distinction throughout WW2 and notable successes included disabling the Bismark and the attack on the Italian fleet at Taranto. More mundane but no less important was anti-submarine work in the Battle of the Atlantic. The aircraft was affectionately known as the `Stringbag'. 

 A connoisseur's item - definitely the nicest model you'll see of the Swordfish..
Length 13in 330mm, Wingspan 17 1/2 in 438mm, Height 4 ½ in 114mm so a good size for a desk or out on general display.

Will be ordered - delivery as soon as possible.
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Exceptional quality, being beautifully turned out, fully built and durable on the desktop or open display. Each model usually has its own desk stand printed with details of the model.