Big Wheel Off Roaders

Tamiya Blackfoot, Twin Detonator and other off road trucks.
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If you've bought one of these fantastic off-road trucks from Tamiya you'll be sure to need some spares at some point. At the speed they travel the odd mishap is unavoidable, but the great thing about these models is that every part is available as a separate spare. Identify the chassis type from the list below, and click to download the appropriate manual. The parts list is at the end of the manual. Because of the straight forward instructions supplied with these models, most repairs can be made by the user, and as the construction is "nut and bolt" any mistakes can be easily rectified. If in doubt contact one of our branches for further advice.


WR-02 (Wild Willy 2)

Blackfoot Xtreme

Twin Detonator

CC-01 (Volkswagen Race Touareg)

JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle

Super Clod Buster

TLT-1 (Max Climber)


Ford F-350 1/2/2/2

Subaru Brat