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Our range of special edition private owner wagons in N gauge.

This N wagon is a model of wagon 12 operated by the Sheffield and Ecclesall Co-Operative Society, painted in anï Indian red scheme with shaded lettering.

Coal was a common product sold by Co-Operative societies, the society being able to order coal in wagonload quantities and obtain good pricing from collieries. We will be featuring other Co-Operative wagons in our future releases.
The Sheffield and Eccleshall Co-Operative was formed by the merger of the original Sheffield society with the Eccleshall Society. Through further mergers the society has enlarged considerably, now being the Sheffield branch of the Yorkshire Co-Operative.

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This volume is a companion to the author's previous book on wagons of the Forest of Dean. It takes a look at all of the known private owner wagon owners and operators based in Gloucestershire with almost 250 wagons being identified. It is illustrated with over 450 photographs, items of ephemera and maps, many of which are previously unpublished. Whilst the majority of the wagons belong to coal merchants there are also those for quarries, mills, a brewery and chemical works. As well as identifying the owners, the opportunity has been taken to give as much detail of their business as possible to give some idea as to how large the concern was and how long it was in operation. Thus, as well as being of interest to the private owner wagon enthusiast the volume also gives much industrial and social history for the county.


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We have comissioned special edition wagons on OO for many years, now we are expending the range to include N gauge models. Normally the models are related to the area close by our shops, including Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Bristol and Warwickshire.