Ansari X Prize Series

Models that replicate the designer's efforts.

Designed by Ansari X Prize Team 'Pablo de Leon Associates' of Buenos Aries, Argentina. Estes' 1:55 scale version of the Gauchito (meaning 'Little Cowboy') can reach heights of more than 90m using mini rockets. The real spacecraft is a retro-looking 'Little Joe II' launch platform.

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These exciting model rockets are fantastic fun, highly entertaining and following a few simple guidelines will ensure you get the maximum enjoyment and use, out of your new rocket set! There are 4 elements needed to launch your rocket, the model rocket, a launch pad, ignition system and the rocket engine to propel the model skywards. The easiest, most cost effective way to get everything needed is to buy a starter set. These contain a rocket, launch pad, ignition system and full instructions. The starter sets do not contain rocket engines, as these need to packaged separately to ensure safe bulk transportation as they are classed as fireworks. We have found the Taser or the Patriot starter sets together with B6-4 Engines an ideal combination for those exciting first flights! Next, is to find a suitable flying site. A large flat open area, football pitch size at a minimum and away from roads, houses, overhead cables and trees is needed. Choose a nice calm day or evening and set you launch pad up as far upwind as you can, bearing in mind that when the rocket returns to earth on its parachute, any breeze will carry it downwind. Extend the ignition system wires to their full length to ensure that you and any spectators are a safe distance away from the launch pad. 3... 2... 1.. Blast Off! Watch as your rocket races skywards, before popping its parachute and drifting gently to earth, ready for its next flight! A whole range of rocket kits are available, all of which will work with your launch pad and ignition system. Why not build yourself your own deep space collection?

Model Rocketry teaches science, maths, industrial technology and other subjects. There is a wealth of useful information available, including free publication downloads for educators, extensive curriculum support materials and learning software. Click here to access the huge resource centre for teachers and youth group leaders

The fun begins with an Excellent Starter Set then add to your rockets both from pre-painted and decorated rockets kits to be made. With a choice of rocket styles and either streamer or parachute recovery, model rocketry can be seen as a fun hobby, or an exact science.

Delivery : Please note that rocket motors are not accepted for delivery by Royal Mail and these must be sent using a courier service for which additional charges may apply. Orders over £150.00 will be sent free of charge to mainland UK addresses.
We regret that current security and carriage regulations do not allow us to deliver rocket motors or igniters to addresses outside of the United Kingdom.

Ansari X Prize
The Ansari X PRIZE was a space competition in which the X PRIZE Foundation offered a US$10,000,000 prize for the first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space. These models replicate the designer's efforts.