Zvezda 1/35 3518 British 6 Pdr Mk1 Anti-tank Gun Kit

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Combined model - British 6-pound anti-tank gun Mk-II.
Historical note: The 6-pound (57-mm) anti-tank gun was adopted by the British Army in 1941 under the designation MK. II. The very first experience of its combat use in the North African theater of operations demonstrated the complete success of the new gun: with a high rate of fire - up to 15 rounds per minute - 6 pounds easily penetrated the armor of any German tanks. Even the heavy Tiger tanks that appeared in the second half of 1942 were not safe from her shells. The British 6-pound gun was produced under license in the United States, where it was assigned the M1 army index. 400 of these guns were delivered by Lend-Lease in the USSR, where they were actively used in the battles of World War II.
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