Wills Kits SSM300 Modular Industrial Units Base Kit OO

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The industrial unit building is just about as common a structure as you will find all around the world and their appearance alongside the railway means that they will always look right as part of the railway modellers' layout. This exciting new modular system from Wills lets the modeller add-on or adapt the base kit with extensions and frontages to accurately recreate a 21st century scene - bringing greater realism to any modern layout!

This base kit can be constructed as a low relief or stand-alone building. A combination of these kits can create such structures as loco maintenance depots, bus stations, warehouses, distribution centres...the list goes on! The real limitation is imagination!
With a number of "blind" cuts inside the walls of the kit the modeller selects where to place the doors, windows and shutters. A range of extra frontages and accessories give further variations including loading bays, a glazed supermarket frontage and an out-of-town retail unit frontage, all typical of the type of structures now seen alongside the modern railway.

Footprint: Low Relief 336 x 84mm. Stand-alone 168 x 168mm

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