WDS WDS BM K 64 SMS Leipzig, German armoured steam corvette, 1888 1/1250

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Leipzig was commissioned in 1877 befre trials and having her guns installed. In October of 1877 she embarked cadets for training and set off for East Asia via Nicaragua and Hawaii, returning to Germany two years later, going in to reserve on her return. Her second round the world cruise took place in 1882-84, when a young Franz von Hipper was a cadet on board, with a flag raising in German Southwest Africa colony on the return. From 1885-88 she was re-ffitted and re-engined and had two forward-facing torpedo tubes fittedĀ  above the waterline at the bow.

In 1889, she went to German East Africa (modern day Tanzania) to help put down the Abushiri Revolt and then went on to East Asia with a sqadron of gunboats. This squadron alternated between China and Chile where German colonists needed support in the Civil War, returning to Europe in 1893 when a refit in Capetown during the voyage showed that she needed a new engine. After returning to Wilhelmshaven, it was decided that this was uneconomic and she was hulked as a barracks ship and training vessel and in WW1 she was used as a training and depot ship for U-boats. She sank at her moorings in 1919 and was raised and scrapped in 1921.
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