WDS WDS AQ 005 Konig Wilhelm 1869 Armoured Vessel Waterline model 1/1250

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Koenig Wilhelm was ordered by Turkey as Fatikh from Thames Ironworks but was purchased by the German Navy while still on the stocks and named "Wilhelm". She was the largest ship in the German Navy when she was commissioned. For many years she was the Flagship but in 1878 she rammed and sank the new central citadel ironclad, "Grosser Kurfuerst" and underwent four years of repairs in Wilhelmshaven. she was refitted and repaired again in 1895/6 in Hamburg and the masts and sails were replaced by military masts and she emerged re-designated "heavy cruiser". In 1904 she became a harbour ship and in 1907 a "school ship" of the Naval Academy. By 1915, her armament was reduced to 4x88mm guns and she was sold in 1921.
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