WDS WDS 023 50 Let Pobedy Russian nuclear icebreaker in 2017 1/1250

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Work started to build 50 Let Pobedy in 1989 at the Baltic Works in Leningrad with the intention to complete the ship for the 50th Anniversary of the end of WW2 in 1995. The ship was an experimental re-design of the Arktika-class to test the theory that a spoon bow would make a more efficient icebreaker. Money ran out in 1994 and the project was abandonned. Work re-started in 2003 and the ship was completed in 2007. The large accommodation block is used to take scientists on expeditions but also to take tourists to the North Pole. In 2017 50 Let Pobedy broke the Murmansk to the North Pole with a transit time of 79 days. This ship is capable of making a passage through ice that is up to 2.5m thick.
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