Trumpeter 05773 Admiral Graf Spee 1937 German WW2 Battleship Plastic Kit 1/700

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 After the World War I, replacement capital ships for the German Navy were limited to 10,000 tons and 280 mm guns. Admiral Graf Spee cost 82 million Reichsmark to build and much weight was saved by using electric arc welding instead of rivets. Admiral Graf Spee was launched in 1934.She and her two sisters, Deutschland (later renamed Lützow) and Admiral Scheer, were frequently referred to as pocket battleships by the British. She is considered one of the most famous German warships. A year after her loss, her sisters were reclassified as heavy cruisers.
Item No    05773
Item Name    German Pocket Battleship(Panzer Schiff) Admiral Graf Spee 1937
Bar Code    9580208057736
Scale    1:700
Item Type    Static Kit
Model Brief    Length: 265.7mm   Beam: 30.8mm
Total Parts    318pcs
Total Sprues    10 sprues, upper hull ,deck, lower hull and waterline plate
Paint Schemes     Admiral Graf Spee 1937
Released Date    2010-04
More Features "    Hull
-slide-molded upper hull and lower hull 
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Either waterline or full-hull version can be assembled"
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