Trumpeter 05758 HMS Zulu Tribal Class Destroyer WW2 Kit 1/700

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HMS Zulu was a Tribal-class British destroyer, built in Glasgow by A. Stephens & Sons, her keel laid down on Aug 10th 1936 and launched on Sept 23rd 1937. She was launched with boilers and funnels in place, and this gave her the reputation of a lucky ship. Commissioned on 7th Sept 1938. Just after she was completed, the HMS Zulu moved in Mediterranean and was based in Malta. When she returned home, during 1941, she had a part in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck. And in June 1941 Zulu sailed for Falmouth, England to begin her refit. Her after funnel was cut down and her mainmast was fitted with a high frequency direction finding (Huff-Duff or HF/DF) outfit. Two, single 2 pounder guns were mounted on the bridge wings. Radar was installed and the depth charge throwers were re-located. The refit was completed by July. Then she moved back in Mediterranean, where she performed strike attacks against Italian convoys, and later took part in the attack against the Italian base in Tobruk (Libya). Here HMS Zulu's luck turned. On September 14, 1942, she suffered some damages from the Italian coastal batteries on Tobruk coast. And just a few hours later, she was bombed by an Italian aircraft, the bomb exploded in the boiler room, and HMS Zulu couldn't move any more. HMS Croome took off the most part of HMS Zulu's crew, and HMS Hursley took her in tow. But the British destroyer was sinking: just a hundred miles from Alexandria, again she was bombed by an enemy aircraft. HMS Zulu suddenly rolled to starboard and sank. 12 men of the crew died, and 27 more were missing
Item No    05758
Item Name    Tribal-class destroyer HMS Zulu (F18)1941
Bar Code    9580208057583
Scale    1:700
Item Type    Static Kit
Model Brief    Length: 164.4mm   Width: 15.9mm   Height: 47.5mm
Total Parts    92pcs
Total Sprues    5 sprues and upper hull, lower full, waterline plate and deck
Paint Schemes    HMS Zulu (F18)1941
Released Date    2009-03
More Features " -Two-directional slide-molded upper hull 
 -Lower hull made from two-directional slide molds
 -Sponsons are represented on lower hull by slide-mold te"
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