Trumpeter 03715 Scharnhorst WW2 German Battleship Plastic Kit 1/200

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Capital battlecruiser of the German Kriegsmarine. Laid down June 1935, launched October 1936, commissioned January 1939. Sunk by the Royal Navy on 26th December 1943. Battleship Scharnhorst was the Scharnhorst class first ship, ship types are divided into battleship, the initial design can dress up as a 380 mm main gun battleship jumped to meet future war, but during World War II and not implemented. Scharnhorst was built by the War Naval Shipyard Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on October 3, 1936 launch, and began service in January 7, 1939.
In 1938, Scharnhorst found to have insuffcient freeboard and bow problems in trials, and in dock had a bow refit in 1939. After the outbreak of World War II, in 1940 in the North Sea Scharnhorst sank two ships of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Glorious and two destroyers, but Scharnhorst was hit by the British destroyer fired torpedoes and required drydocking for repairs.
In 1941, the Scharnhorst broke out into the Atlantic Ocean to destroy allied operations. In the two-month operation she sank 22 merchant fleet, a total tonnage of 11,5000 tons, greatly damaged the Allied shipping. December 25, 1943, Scharnhorst sailed to attack an allied convoys and was intercepted by the  main fleet of the Royal Navy. The RN Battleship Duke of York lead the interception and Sharnhorst was eventually sunk by Duke of York
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