Tamiya 78028 USS New Jersey Battleship Enhanced Kit with detail parts 1/350

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The largest battleship that the United States Navy built during World War II, and the final battleship with an drainage capacity of 45,000 tons. New Jersey was born in New Jersey, nicknamed “Big J.” It has changed its Pacific battle zone from the beginning of 1944, but the development of the aircraft has changed the appearance of the ocean war, by 1948 As early as in Korea and the Vietnam War, there was hope for strong gunpower, and although he returned to service twice, he was rejoined as a reserve in 1969. In 1981, President Reagan's plan to strengthen the naval powers suggested that the Iowa-class four warships be modernized and be restored to service, and New Jersey be chosen as the number one ship. 
Poon anti-ship missiles, Vulcan / Faranx, etc. are equipped with the latest equipment, electronic equipment such as radars and ECM are strengthened, and they have been active as a missile battleship until 1991. After that, they were removed from the register in 1995, Philadelphia New Jersey, which has been transferred to, has now kept its appearance as a floating museum. 

The plastic model assembly kit of the battleship New Jersey that reproduced the figure at the time of active service return in 1982.-Scale 1 / 350.Length 774mm, width 94.5mm, height 182mm display model. -An upper structure centered on a complex and massive tower-shaped water bridge is constructed to be suitable for the name of a battleship-It is a smart hull adopted for the Panama Canal passage, clipper type bow, ship bottom The screw shaft is made of stainless steel etc.-The Tomahawk launcher, the Harpoon launcher, the Vulcan, the phantoms, etc. are also reproduced realistically-With two SH-60B seahawk helicopters. Accessory parts of 2 shots and 2 Tomahawk cruise missiles are also set. The marking using the slide mark. Ship names provide a name plate with a display stand that relief the. 

New plastic parts include
  • 12.7cm DP Guns, Mk.37 Gun Directors, Mk.38 Direction Finder, Mk.48 Rangefinder, Mk.13 Radar, Mk.25 Radar 

    New Photo Etched parts include
  • SPS67 Radar, SPS49 Radar, SRA57 Antenna, SRA58 Antenna 

    Specs & Features
  • 1/350 scale plastic assembly kit
  • Length: 774mm, Beam: 94.5mm.
  • Model depicts the New Jersey as a missile-carrying battleship in 1982.
  • AA radar, surface search radar, and Link 11 antenna are reproduced with both plastic and photo-etched parts.
  • Screw shafts are depicted with metal parts.
  • Parts for SH-60B helicopters included.
  • Display stand included.
  • Reference booklet, which explains the historical back ground of the ship and gives a painting guide, included
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