Risawoleska Ri-385 Conte di Savoia Italian transatlantic liner 1/1250

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Conte di Savoia had been ordered by Lloyd Sabudo for the transatlantic route from Italy to the United States but the shipping companies were nationalised as the Italia Line and she entered service as the running mate of the slightly larger and faster Rex.  Conte di Savoia was considered by some to be the more stylish liner of the pair and this model shows her with the swiming pool between the funnels which made her more suitable for cruising during winter months. During WW2 both liners were laid up in Italy as they were considered too vulnerable to air attack. Conte di Savoia was laid up at Malamocco, near Venice but on the 11th September she was attacked by US fighter bombers and was set on fire and she heeled over and sank in shallow water. She was salvaged and refloated on 16th October 1945 and consideration was given to restoring her but in April 1950 she was towed away for scrapping shortly before a brand new liner Andrea Doria was completed.
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