Revell 05204 North Sea Fishing Trawler Kit 1/142

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From Newfoundland to Norway the European fishing fleet operates daily round the clock battling against the elements and pitiless sea. On a three week trip, the trawler will only be fishing for about one week; the other two will be spent travelling to and from the fishing grounds. This trawler is equipped with state-of-the- art electronics such as navigation aids, echo sonar and an automatic warning system which shows the density of an incoming shoal of fish. Vessels of this type trawl their nets on the right (starboard) side. The water displacement is 507 tonnes. Crew: 19 men. Many of the old trawlers of this type have been refitted and are now used for supplying oil rigs.
Detailed hull with the deck structure, radar masts,reeling and inflatable life-raft containers

Colours Required: 4 62 89 302 330 382
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