Revell 05093 U-Boat Type VIIC Submarine Kit 1/350

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The first order for a VII-C submarine came in 1938 but the type later became the most built German submarine of World War 2. The ship proved to be of sound design, could dive very deep and was very manoeuvrable. The Typ VII C was built between 1939 and 1944 with the intention to effectively counter the re-supply of Great Britain. It had four front and one aft topedo tubes making the VII-C submarine a feared weapon. Initially very successful, entire groups of these U-boats attacked the allied convoys. But as from 1943 with the introduction of radar, the turn of the tide came. Built in numerous quantities and often improved, the type meant the end but also the peak of the submarine era. Its length was over 67 meter, water displacement was 769 tons.

This highly detailed model kit captivates by virtue of its hull with textured rivets and welds, its authentic vents and deck details. 29 individual parts provide an authentic reproduction of the power plant, net cutter, periscope and armaments
::The decals enable an optional U-81, U-96 or U-522 to be built:
- U-81, Mediterranian Sea, early 1942
- U-96, Atlantic Ocean, 1940-1943
- U-552, North Atlantic, 1942
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