Revell 05037 German Scharnhorst Battlecruiser WW2 1/570

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Launched on 3.10.1936, the Scharnhorst was at that time a symbol of Germany's growing strenght. She displaced 38,900 tons and was powered by three turbines with a total output of 165,000 HP. She took part in the occupation of Norway and Denmark and on 8 June 1940 sank the British aircraft carrier Glorious together with two destroyers. From 22 January to 23 March 1941 she operated with the Gneisenau i the trade war in the Atlantic (22 British merchant vessels were sunk). Following several hits by bomber aircraft the Scharnhorst had to spend some time in the part of Brest. In March 1943 she was sent to Norway where she took part in Operation Spitzbergen. Together with 5 destroyers she left port on 26.12.1943 to attack a convoy but was intercepted by the battleships Belfast and Duke of York. During the three-hour battle the Scharnhorst was hit by 13 shells and 11 torpedos and sank with 1803 men on board.

Model construction kit of the Scharnhorst, the first German battleship to be built after the First World War.

- Detailed deck structures
- 3 rotatable gun turrets with 28 cm guns
- Twelve 15 cm guns
- Anti-aircraft guns
- Arado 196 Seaplane
- Display stand
- Decal set

Colors: 5 8 16 67 79 91 92 99 331
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