Peco SL-300 Streamline Flexitrack Code 80 Nickel Silver Wooden Sleeper 914mm N

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Bristol: 9+, Cardiff: 9+, Gloucester: 9+, Plymouth: 9+
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Flexitrack can be curved to suit your requirements and cut to the lengths needed for your layout. Useful track laying tools include Tracksetta curve templates to maintain a smooth and constant radius and Xuron track cutters, designed to cleanly cut the rail to the required lengths.

Customers from outside of the UK please note that, due to the length of the track sections, the cost of delivery of Peco track can be high. Europe delivery currently costs �42, outside of Europe will be more. You may wish to consider purchasing a complete box of track (SL-300box) to mitigate this cost.

Have a question about this product? Let us know