Parkside Kits O Gauge PS90 BR Wagon Tarpaulin Sheets Pack of 3

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Peco tarpaulin sheets are supplied on a material sheet along with a length of fine string to model the securing ropes.
The suggested use is to cut the tarpaulin from the larger sheet, then screw it into a tight ball to soften the material and create a suitably creased and 'used' effect' when the ball is opened out. Cover the wagon, then wrap the 'ropes' over the tarpaulinĀ  and secure the ends to the underframe, lashing points or buffer stocks with glue if necessary.
We would suggest loading some wagons with a suitable piece of scrap something which will sit partially above the aside of the wagon, eg a piece waste polystyrene packaging. Tying the tarpaulin over this will give a hidden load with interestingly shaped lumps in it.
Have a question about this product? Let us know