Parkside Kits O Gauge PS625 Instanter Coupling and Gedge Hooks Pack of 4 Sets

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The Instanter coupling chain featured a T shaped central link in place of the plain link of a 3-link coupling. In the long position the coupling was the same length as the 3-link coulping chain, allowing for easy shunting. As the train was prepared for departure a shunters coupling pole could be used to turn the T link into the short position, keeping the buffers closer together and reducing the coupling slack in the train. The Instanter coupling was cheaper and quicker to 'tighten up' than screw couplings and became popular from the 1930s as more wagons were fitted with vacuum train brakes for running in fast goods trains.
This O gauge Peco coupling set follows the early pattern design with round bar forming the T shape instanter link, widely used by the GWR.
In the 1940s a stronger flat steel T link was introduced, becoming the standard British Railways Instanter coupling and used on vacuum brake fitted wagons. We have this version available in O gauge from the Dapol range.
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