Oxford Diecast AD002 DH 4 RNAS 212 Squadron 1/72

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Die-cast model in 1:72 scale of this WW1 two seater bi-plane day bomber designed by Geoffrey De Havilland and manufactured by Airco. The first flight was in August 1916 and, between Britain and the USA, over 5000 aircraft were produced up to 1932. Active service began in 1917 with the RFC and action in Northern France and Italy. The DH4 was also flown by the RNAS/RAF on coastal patrols and it is one of the aircraft used in this role that is the subject of this model, painted with dark green upper wings and buff coloured underwings, complete with the RFC roundels and red, white and blue tail markings. The two separate and quite widely spaced - cockpits also have buff coloured interiors and the rear cockpit houses a single machine gun. The front fuselage is painted in grey, with the rear taking on the same colour as the upper wings and finished with white banding. These aircraft were quite flimsy, initially manufactured with wooden frames and a canvas covering, although later refinements saw steel frames. On the plus side, they had Rolls-Royce engines!
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