Oxford Diecast AC081 P38J Lightning 1/72

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Oxford Aviation’s 1:72 scale series of WWII aircraft introduces this authentic livery on the American P38J Lightning fighter plane, as flown in 1944 by the US 367thFighter Group.  The Lightning entered service in 1941 and continued in production until 1945. Such was its success and instant identification by its distinctive twin booms, it was known by the German Luftwaffe as the fork tailed devil!  The nose art on the left hand side of the fuselage on oxford's model shows a comic-strip Bucking Bronco kicking out the German Swastika.  On a more sober note, alongside the nose art are printed the names of the aircrew and the number of their victories, including five Swastikas along the top row of ‘kills’.

Painted in all-over silver with dark green anti-glare shields, the decoration sees the USAAF star in white out of blue on the wings and tail booms, the military numbering on the outward facing tail fins and the number 677 on the right hand side of the front fuselage. The cockpit is moulded dark green and a final detail sees the canopy rails finished in red with the words 'No Step' printed in white, giving some cautious advice to the crew.  This is another superb addition to your WWII aircraft collection.

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