Oxford Diecast AC059 Hawker Hurricane Mk1 Naval Air Service 880 Sqn.1941 1/72

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The Hawker Hurricane was a single seat fighter aircraft designed by Sydney Camm and built by the Hawker Aircraft Company predominantly for the Royal Air Force. It took its first flight in 1935 and entered service in 1937. The Hurricane's exploits during the Battle of Britain gave it a legendary place in WWII history, well-deserved in the light of it having been previously overshadowed by the better known Spitfire.
The first Mk I production aircraft between 1937 and 1939 came with canvas covered wings, wooden two blade propeller and powered by the 1030 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin Mk II or III engines and armed with eight .303 Browning machine guns. A revised Hurricane Mk I introduced metal covered wings, a Rotol constant speed metal propeller, armour and other improvements. In 1939, the RAF took 500 of the revised Hurricane which formed the backbone of the fighter squadrons.
Our model is based on the aircraft deployed with NAS 880 Squadron, Arbroath in 1941. It is decorated in dark green and dark grey camouflage scheme on the upper side and off white underside. Numbered W9219 along the fuselage, the aircraft has black propellers with yellow tips, silver wing lights, orange gun patches, green cockpit interior and brown exhaust pipe. The red/blue RAF roundel appears on the upper wings and a red, white and blue version on the under wings. The tail fin carries vertical red, white and blue stripes, whilst on the side of the fuselage, the roundel appears with a yellow outer circle.
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