Oxford Diecast 72PM005 DeHavilland Puss Moth G-ABXY - The Hearts Content 1/72

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This De Havilland Puss Moth is a replica of the special long range DH80A aircraft in which Jim Mollison became the first aviator to fly the Atlantic east to west in a light aircraft. Designed with extended cabin windows and incorporating an enormous 160 gallon fuel tank in place of a front seat, the pilot sat behind the tank. The modification ensured there was sufficient fuel onboard to make the 3600 mile journey from Velvet Strand Beach in Portmarnock, Dublin to Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick where he successfully landed on 18th August 1932 after an epic flight of 31 hours 20 minutes. It is said that the name of the aircraft The Heart's Content is taken from one of a small group of villages in Newfoundland, which would have been on or near Jim Mollison's route over Canada.
Our 1:72 scale replica of G-ABXY is decorated in silver with yellow fuselage, tailfin and rudder and printed with black numbering and lettering. The cockpit interior is black, as are the tail skid, wheel hubs and tyres. To achieve the realistic effect of the original, the extra windows are also printed on the sides. A final detail sees the wing struts painted silver and a Union Flag on the tailfin.
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