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The AEC ACV (Armoured Command Vehicle) was one of a series of such vehicles built by the British Associated Equipment Company during the Second World War. Such vehicles were essentially armoured buses based on truck chassis and the UK was the only country to develop and widely employ this purpose-built armoured command form of transport. Just over 400 were built in all for use by the British Army and carried the facility for a single .303 Bren light machine gun which was carried inside. The ACV was big and comfortable, as a result of which the troops nicknamed it Dorchester after the luxury hotel on Park Lane in London. To launch this piece of new tooling, Oxford has decorated the ACV in a dark green/dark grey camouflage scheme as used by the 8th Armoured Division in 1941. The chassis and wheel hubs are also dark green. The Division's military number is printed on both sides of the cab and across the back. They have also named their truck Hermann, printed boldly in red on the bonnet, while additional military numbering appears on the front and rear mudguards. One final detail comprises the authentic ‘rivets' on the vehicle, which are shown up to great effect by the dark colour scheme.
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