Oxford Diecast 1/76 76SET34 5 Piece British Rail Set K8/CA/Q25/LR2/Anglia

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Railway enthusiasts of the 'blood and custard' era of British Railways can add a whole station yard full of 00 gauge models with this set of five authentic utility vans. Each has been released separately in the past so if you missed them last time, don't delay second time around! The set comprises: 76AK016 Austin K8 - British Railways Registered NXW 134 in the traditional pale cream and crimson colour scheme, this little utility van is decorated with the British Railways totem on either side in red/silver on the cream ground. The interior of the vehicle is black. Additional black and silver masking completes the detail including the minute Austin marque above the rear bumper. 76CA018 Bedford CA Minibus- British Railways Probably used for transporting railway crew members in real life, our crimson and cream Minibus is registered NRO 522. Distinctive lettering includes the British Railways totem in crimson out of cream above the windscreen; and cream on a crimson ground along the lower sides. The vehicle's fleet identity CA8276 E is printed on the cabin doors and the Bedford marque in black runs the length of the silver front bumper. 76CM001 Commer Q25 British Railways Continental Service The Commer Q25 was launched into our 00 scale railway series with this livery, as used by British Railways to link the UK with other parts of Europe. Our model, registered OGT 65, is advertising its Day and Night services for Harwich and the Continent as the lettering above the driver's split windscreen displays. The BR totem is printed above the non-opening back door as well as along the upper sides of the vehicle. The door handles, headlights and radiator grille are all silver. 76LAN2001 Land Rover Series II Hard Top British Railways Our long wheelbase Land Rover makes a useful support vehicle and here we see it in the hard top version registered BBH 942B from 1964. Once again the upper body is pale cream and the lower section crimson with depot lettering B1347 S on the cabin doors. Note the spare wheel on the front of the bonnet and the instantly recognisable Land Rover radiator with satin black masking behind the grille. 76ANG037 Ford Anglia VanĀ  British Railways The livery decorating this release of our Ford Anglia Van is a replica of a Parcels Delivery Service vehicle, registered JBV 308F from 1967. The Anglia, with its distinctive front quarter lights and signature chrome radiator grille really looks the part in the 'blood and custard' colour scheme. Note that the crimson lower body colour is repeated on the wheels, finished off with silver hub caps.
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