Oxford Diecast 1/76 76SCA04HB Scania Topline Horsebox A W Jenkinson

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The A W Jenkinson company is based in Cumbria, dealing primarily in forest products, as the name on the side of our model indicates.  The company is involved in various additional activities both at home and abroad associated with the timber industry where its co-products include waste wood recovery, pallet and fencing timber, pallet repairs and also the supply of wood flake bedding to the animal farming industry.  All these activities justify their fleet of 500 haulage vehicles of varying types to suit the client’s needs. The A W Jenkinson company policy majors heavily on continued improvement of the land on which their timber extraction is centred and one of their group businesses is that of a farm comprising cattle, sheep, arable and shooting land. 

The Scania Topline cab with integrated custom-made Oakley Horsebox is decorated in the signature Jenkinson colour scheme of white with graduated green graphics with silvered skylights and a black interior.  It is registered 400 AJW.  The rear of the truck is painted pale green with the A W Jenkinson Forest Products lettering printed in white, including their website address.
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